How in the world do you get a quick workout daily if you can’t Make it to the Gym?

The simple answer: you just do it.

Let’s break that down here. In and around your home, no matter where you live, you have options for getting fit.

Increase your awareness factor and get creative because you will absolutely benefit from a daily workout. Let’s look at a few ways to get a quick workout daily.

1) 300 Pushups – 10×30=300

10 sets of 30 throughout the day. It doesn’t matter when you do the sets, just get the 10 sets in.

Super simple.


2) Air Squats

If there was a ninth wonder of the world, it would be air squats. Drop your ass to the grass and let your hips enjoy this moment. You can do air squats anywhere in or around your home.

The quickest way to do this workout is to do one set until fail. Meaning start doing air squats until it is almost impossible to stand back up. Don’t worry about how many you can do. Whether it’s 10 or 110, the key is doing it daily.

Imagine doing air squats everyday for a year. You could crush a Cadillac with those thighs.


3) Lunges

The lunge is another powerhouse workout for the legs as well as a workout you can do literally anywhere. Four sets of thirty will be a quick workout with a good burn.


4) Good ol’ Burpees

If you want a full body workout. You want burpees. Engage the legs, lower back, core, and oh baby those arms. Do four sets of 15 and tell me how you feel.

Watch this video for form:


5) Get Yourself a Pull-Up Bar

I can hear it now because I hear it all the time. But Craig I can’t even do one pull-up. My suggestion: Start with 1/2 a pull-up. Seriously, the important thing is to start where you are. If you can’t do one pull-up yet, put a chair underneath you and use your legs for assistance.

Pull-ups build strength quickly, and are an excellent workout to do at home. Work your way up to ten pull-ups in a row. Then do sets of ten throughout the day. Now imagine if you do ten pull-ups everyday for a year. That’s 3,650 pull-ups in a year. The name of the game is consistency.


Bonus: A Go-To Ab Workout

Abs are awesome. Core strength is super important and can prevent a lot of back issues. You can do a killer ab workout in 15 minutes or less. Pick out Five ab moves and do 25 reps for each. That’s 125 reps in about 10 minutes. Again consistency is the important thing here.

My top 5 are: 1) Crunches 2) Scissor Kicks 3) Leg Raises 4) Bicycle Kicks 5) Oblique V-Ups


Making it Happen

Consistency over intensity. Too many people are held back because they believe they have to go to the gym and do a killer workout to make it worthwhile. This is simply untrue. The consistency of incorporating a daily workout will get you results.

Build good habits, and make no excuses. Make the decision to incorporate a quick workout daily in your life, and maintain your health physically and mentally.