Do you find it tough to get going in the mornings? It’s time to prime your day for productivity!

Through trial and error, plus reading some excellent books and articles, I’ve come up with 7 ways to start your day for productivity. Here we go:

1) Get up and put your feet on the floor immediately when alarm goes off

If you don’t put your feet on the floor, it’s easy to slip back to sleep. Don’t hit snooze. That’s a dangerous cycle and you know it.

By putting your feet on the floor, you prime yourself for action. Which is not coincidentally, step 2…



2) do 5-10 squats (morning workout optional – I prefer it)

Doing 5-10 bodyweight squats is hardly a workout in the tradition sense. But it does require standing and moving.

It’s hard to go back to sleep now. Your body is moving. It’s awake.

I like doing morning workouts. I don’t want to come home at the end of the day and decide to not do my workout. So on my 4-5 days/week where I workout, it’s in the morning right after I finish this routine.

Either way, with just 5 squats – you’re already physically active! And you’re only a minute into your day.


3) make your bed (no temptation to go back down)

It’s simple. Like Tim says – it doesn’t need to be 4-star hotel standard. Put the pillows where they belong, bring the sheets and cover up to the base of the pillows. Wipe out some wrinkles. 30 seconds.┬áDone.

Now, you’ve done something today and you can come home and see that you accomplished something. We have momentum!


4) cold water face wash

Cold water is going to wake you immediately. The cold hits the nervous system and starts firing on all cylinders. Alertness is ON!

Plus, cold water is better for your face anyway. Especially if you have oily skin (like me).

If you have redness, acne, puffy-ness, or any other facial issue going on and warm/hot water for years hasn’t been cutting it for you – switch to cold water and I suspect you will be surprised at the results!


5) read a Stoic lesson for the day

Read Ryan Holliday’s book “The Daily Stoic.”

An abundance of great life lessons reside in the book and they’re broken into bite size (daily) readings. I recommend writing in a journal your key takeaway of the day’s meditation. It’s helped me immensely.


6) write a “5 minute journal”

Tim Ferriss mentions this in “Tools of Titans.” It’s a great strategy for guiding yourself to positivity and action.

I won’t dive too much into it here because I recommend you get his book and do a lot of the things in there.


7) drink 20-40 oz of water (depending on body size and habits)

I’ve been doing this for a long time (40 oz to start the day for me). I feel so much better. You’ll notice energy levels rise because your body functions better on a lot of water.

I’m so tired of hearing the 64 oz/day garbage. That’s the bare minimum… if you weigh 100 pounds.

I weigh 170 and drink about 200 oz of water per day. It’s incredible. My skin improved when I increased from the 120-140 I was drinking in HS to about 180 per day in college.

It also helps suppress appetite for those trying to lose weight.



By following these 7 quick steps, you’re being healthy and productive right out of the gate! Plus, all of this takes 15 min total, so it’s not a routine that’ll break your schedule.

Look at all the things you can mark off your to-do list! Productivity has a lot to do with momentum.

Starting each day by knocking out these quick items will make you healthier, more productive and happier!