This article was originally written for NutraGenX.


How to Thrive Throughout Cold and Flu Season


Cold and flu season is upon us.

It’s that time of year again: when snotty-nosed kids get each other sick, then get their parents sick, then the parents come to work sick and infect you.


It can be terrifying out there. All the sniffles, coughs and sneezes could be signalling impending bed-ridden days for you.


But there is a way out! Or at least a way through if you’re already feeling a cold coming.


The solutions are the same. There are six steps to kicking the cold:


1. Hydrate


Drink a lot of water. When I say a lot, I mean more than you think you should.


Is your urine yellow? You’re dehydrated. Are you thirsty? You’re not hydrated.


I generally drink between 150 and 200 ounces of water per day. You don’t have to do that, but I only get sick about once per two years. And I feel awesome most days.


The government recommended 64 ounces is a bare minimum. That’s more to push products you’ll buy: like milk and soda. Drinks you don’t need.


Get at least 100 ounces. It’s pretty easy. Grab a 20 oz reusable bottle, make sure you fill it 5 times and drank all of it before you lay down for sleep…


2. Sleep


Getting enough shut eye works wonders on the body. You need 6 hours per night minimum. But if you really want to boost your immune system – get 8 hours of sleep.


You need deep sleep, so it’s best not to be staring at devices/screens that will keep your mind active while you sleep. Try some wind-down rituals like reading a book, stretching or meditating.


Sleep enables the body to recover and better protect itself from future dangers, like viruses.


3. Exercise


Regular exercise boosts immune function. Exercise provides a multitude of benefits for the body and mind, but one oft overlooked benefit is the enhancement to your immune system.


You don’t have to spend a ton of money or time on this. Just some daily exercise for 20 minutes would do the trick. You must make time to take care of yourself.


Get the body going at home if you want to avoid sick people at the gym. You can get free downloadable workouts online to guide you or get a workout DVD and follow the plan.


4. Diet


I’m not talking about Adkins or any fad diet. Your diet is just the composition of what you consume.


Eat healthy. More vegetables. More proteins. Less sugars (since it’s toxic).

Drink tea. Maybe try kombucha. You could even make it yourself.


Spending more time at home cooking means time away from all the germs other people are spreading. Just be sure to use those disinfectant wipes on your grocery basket.


5. Supplement


Vitamin C is a great supplement for boosting immune health. Zinc deficiency can cause a host of problems including illness and disease.


Taking a zinc and magnesium complex before bed can improve sleep and boost overall health.


Herbs like echinacea help ward off the cold too.


6.  Hygiene


Wash your hands. Clean your devices. Use alcohol wipes. Disinfect surfaces. Wash your hands again.


Don’t eat with your hands – use silverware, plasticware or chopsticks.

There you have it – the six simple steps to kicking the cold. Stay healthy out there and be well!